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CHANEL CRISTALLE EDT Travel Sprays Sample Women 女性香奈兒晨曦水晶香水 分裝瓶

CHANEL CRISTALLE EDT Travel Sprays Sample Women 女性香奈兒晨曦水晶香水 分裝瓶

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香奈兒 (Chanel) 的 Cristalle 淡香水是一款柑橘芳香調的女用香水。 Cristalle 淡香水於 1974 年推出。這款香水的調香師是 Henri Robert。 前調是西西里檸檬和佛手柑; 中調是風信子、巴西紫檀、金銀花和茉莉花; 基調是橡苔和香根草。

克里斯塔爾淡香水 (Eau detoilete Cristalle) 於 1974 年由香奈兒著名香水創造者亨利·羅伯特 (Henri Robert) 創作。 完美而純淨的香氛成分讓人想起完美排列的水晶。 清澈的綠色香調展現出廣泛的香氣:從綠色的辛辣羅勒到甜美的苦橙葉,完美的開始,隨後是檸檬和佛手柑的清新氣息。 波斯樹脂的綠色氣息與柑橘香調相結合,並延伸出它們輝煌的旋律。 中調是由風信子和茉莉構成的,但它們的華麗程度卻遜於整個構圖的完美線條。 底座包括橡苔和木材。

此香水屬於花香西普香型。 Eau de parfum Cristalle 由 Jacques Polge 於 1993 年創造。雖然 EDT 是神秘而澀的“西普香水”,但 eau de parfum 更甜、更豐富。 前調的翠綠明顯減弱,佛手柑被甜美的柑橘取代。 多汁的桃子和甜瓜消除了淡香水特有的暗調,並將整個香氣帶入日光之中。 依蘭和茉莉的異國奢華與香根草和橡苔的泥土氣息形成鮮明對比。

Cristalle Eau de Toilette by Chanel is a Citrus Aromatic fragrance for women. Cristalle Eau de Toilette was launched in 1974. The nose behind this fragrance is Henri Robert. Top notes are Sicilian Lemon and Bergamot; middle notes are Hiacynth, Brazilian Rosewood, Honeysuckle and Jasmine; base notes are Oakmoss and Vetiver.

Eau de toilette Cristalle was created in 1974, by the famous Chanel perfume creator Henri Robert. A perfect and pure fragrance composition reminds of an ideally lined crystal. Clear green notes reveal a wide spectrum: from green spicy basil to sweet petitgrain, a perfect beginning followed by exuberant eruption of lemon and bergamot freshness. The green note of galbanum unites the citrus notes and extends their glorious melody. The heart is composed of hyacinth and jasmine, but their luxuriance is subordinate to the perfect lines of the entire composition. The base includes oak moss and wood.

The perfume belongs to the floral-chypre olfactive group. Eau de parfum Cristalle was created by Jacques Polge in 1993. While EDT is mysterious and astringent \'chypre\', eau de parfum is sweeter and richer. The verdure of the top notes is significantly moderated, and bergamot is replaced by sweet mandarin. Juicy peach and melon repel the dark notes characteristic for EDT, and bring out the whole composition to the daylight. Exotic luxury of ylang-ylang and jasmine contrasts the soily nuance of vetiver and oak moss.


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