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CHANEL No. 19 EDT Travel Sprays Sample Women 女性香奈兒 No. 19淡香水 分裝瓶

CHANEL No. 19 EDT Travel Sprays Sample Women 女性香奈兒 No. 19淡香水 分裝瓶

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2023 年,香奈兒推出了標誌性香奈兒 N°19 淡香水的新版本。 這款香水以綠色和粉香調構成對比鮮明的香調,向Mademoiselle 的誕生日——1883 年 8 月 19 日致敬。


一款大膽的花香-木質香-綠色香水,充滿對比。 白松香充滿活力的綠色香調與鳶尾花柔和的粉末香調之間的完美平衡。”

「嘉柏麗香奈兒(Gabrielle Chanel) 推出或穿著的最後一款香水。一款向她出生的日子:1883 年8 月19 日致敬的香水。當她想到這款新女士香水的想法時,遭到了周圍人的抵制。認為不可能有新的香水可以與N°5 並存。但Coco 拒絕放棄,並向Henri Robert 請求一款與N°5 一樣具有強烈個性的香水。她的請求得到了批准,採用了完全不同的嗅覺成分:一種對比鮮明的綠色和粉紅香調。1971 年 1 月 10 日,在新香水推出幾週後,Mademoiselle 去世了。


In 2023, Chanel introduced the new version of the iconic Chanel N°19 Eau de Toilette. The fragrance, with a contrasting accord composed of green and powdery notes, pays tribute to the day Mademoiselle was born—August 19, 1883.

"A daring, distinctive fragrance. A floral-woody-green fragrance with perfect balance. The last fragrance launched and worn by Gabrielle Chanel. An uncompromising composition, in the image of Mademoiselle.

A daring floral-woody-green fragrance that plays with contrasts. A perfect balance between the vibrant, green notes of Galbanum and the soft, powdery notes of Iris Pallida."

"The last fragrance Gabrielle Chanel ever launched or wore. A fragrance that pays tribute to the day she was born: August 19, 1883.  When the idea for this new women's fragrance came to mind, she met with resistance from those around her who did not think a new fragrance could exist alongside N°5. But Coco refused to give up and asked Henri Robert for a composition with a personality just as strong as that of N°5. And her request was granted, in a completely different olfactory composition: a contrasting accord of green and powdery notes. Mademoiselle passed away just a few weeks after the launch of the new fragrance, on January 10, 1971."


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