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Christian Dior DUNE EDT Travel Sprays Sample Women 女性迪奧沙丘香水 分裝瓶

Christian Dior DUNE EDT Travel Sprays Sample Women 女性迪奧沙丘香水 分裝瓶

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Christian Dior Dune perfume. Recently, many friends have left messages on the website, asking for some useful perfumes. Many people have also asked whether Dior Dune is recommended or not and other related questions. The editor happens to know something about this perfume. I have used it myself and I am very clear about it, so I decided to introduce this perfume to you. As for whether you want to buy it or not, it depends on whether you think it is suitable and suitable for you. It’s worth it! Okay, without further ado, let’s get to the point.

Dior Dune is a women's fragrance launched in 1991. It is highly recommended for those who like woody oriental tones. Many people can't resist the wild top notes of Dior Dune Lady. The flamboyant Brazilian mahogany and the high-profile peony all vividly express the unrestrained and wild beauty of women. The middle note adopts floral as the main tone as a transition, fresh and elegant jasmine, light lily, and rich rose, making the strong and light collide with each other to achieve the most perfect fit. The base notes are amber, musk, sandalwood and other elements, which make people think of the wild yellow sand and endless golden beaches. The thick woody texture highlights the wild beauty of women to the maximum extent.

Christian Dior Dune香水, 最近很多小伙伴都在網頁上留言,要求安利一些好用的香水,還有很多人詢問:Dior Dune推不推薦使用等相關問題。而小編正好也對該款香水有所了解,親身使用過,對其還是非常清楚的,所以小編決定給大家介紹這款香水,至於要不要購買的話,就得看你們自己是否覺得合適和值得啦!好啦,話不多說,讓我們進入正題吧。

Dior Dune即迪奧沙丘女士,於1991年推出的一款女香,喜歡木質東方調的集美們是非常推薦入手的喔。很多人都無法抗拒迪奧沙丘女士的狂野前調,張揚的巴西紅木、高調的牡丹,都將女性的奔放、野性之美表現得淋漓盡致。中調則採用了花香為主調作為過渡,清新淡雅的茉莉香、淡淡的百合香、濃郁的玫瑰,使濃與淡在相互衝擊中,達到了最完美的契合。後調 是琥珀、麝香、檀香木等元素,令人不禁聯想到蠻天黃沙、一望無際的金黃沙灘,木質感厚重,最大限度凸顯了女性的狂野之美。

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